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"I wasn’t bleeding in the street. I wasn’t dying of cancer. You couldn’t take an X-ray and see what was wrong with me. You couldn’t make such an easy diagnosis. You had to guess. And everybody guessed wrong."
- David Levithan (Every You, Every Me) -
"you don’t understand that talking is hard for me. I watch all of you doing it, but I just can’t."
- David Levithan (Every You, Every Me) -
"you may fall over, trip or collapse, but that is proof you tried to advance forwards."
- Kagamine Rin (Terrorism) -


Bila tujuan hidupmu adalah Allah, maka tak perlu merisaukan ucapan manusia. Setinggi apapun orang memanah tetap takkan pernah sampai ke bintang.

Ustadz Aan Chandra Thalib حفظه الله تعالى

"i just want you to be happy. if that’s with me or with someone else or with nobody. i just want you to be happy. i just want you to be okay with life. with life as it is."
- will grayson, will grayson (John Green, David Levithan) -
"they don’t choose to become friends with me. they just stuck with me. you can’t possibly pick your friends in the first place, or else they never would have ended up with me."
- -
In this world filled with egoism even taking a breath is difficult.

A faint clap of thunder
Clouded skies, perhaps rain comes
Will you stay here with me?

A faint clap of thunder
Even if the rain comes not,
I will stay here, together with you

- Makoto Shinkai; The Garden of Words (via literatureboy) -