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"do you ever hurt so bad
that you cry yourself to sleep
your chest tighten
and you feel like dying
but somehow you still manage to survive
breathing fine
though slowly
at times irregular
and somehow you believe
that tomorrow will be just fine
like how it has always been."
- -


January 15th, 2013

"What does it means
To live your life the way you want to?
To do the things that you wanna do?
To dreams?
What does it really means?
For someone as colorless as me."
- (via kuu-ge) -

sabarlah sayang
luka-luka dihati kamu itu
kelak kan jadi saksi
bukti kesungguhan kamu padaNya
sebagaimana torehan pedang dan anak panah
telah lebih dahulu menjadi saksi
bukti cinta para sahabat.

mereka berperang di tandus pasir
kita berperang di jahil hidup
tak serupa tapi sama.

- (via kuu-ge) -
"hey kamu,
ya kamu,
kamu yang dibelakang
cash register itu
can i just say something crazy?
we just met
but will you marry me?"
- -
"you might be just another insignificant piece in others life but at least you can be your own significant piece inside your life."
- the only person that matter is you. you alone. -
"Life does not only revolves around you alone. Be considerate."
- -